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One of the internet's favorite activities is getting to know young stars via their social media presences.The sleuths on Twitter and Reddit are pretty good at digging up factoids on these young actors — Monday, it was discovered that Michele Selene Ang, who plays Courtney, has excellent taste in political T-shirts.15, has a different ambience, and she says that's exactly what she wanted. I've loved every minute of it, and I hope it continues." So does TNT, which like other Turner networks is transitioning from mostly breezy dramas to tales that are darker and more intense."I was fortunate that something so different from what I did for the last six years came my way," she said. But executive producer Blake Crouch, on whose novella series is based, told writers this isn't just an extended girl-gone-wild video.Today, we're considering a delightful possibility: that Brandon Flynn and Miles Heizer could be dating.

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They are just too hot for words and are wonderful K-Pop couples that seem to be loving every minute of their time together. And the only thing better than a celebrity falling in love is when he or she falls in love with another celebrity.I drive myself crazy thinking about all of this, but I bite my tongue. DEAR DISTRESSED: Keep this idea in mind: Whenever you attempt to coach your daughter away from this man, what she hears is, “You’re so incapable of making good choices that you require my constant worry, omnipotent help, and guidance.” The harder you push her to leave, the more she will try to prove you wrong by staying.If you stop trying to fix her, she may stop trying to fix him. One of his sisters is six months younger than me, and we have always gotten along. She freaks out if any of us don’t drop everything to help her. My fiance and I have helped her countless times, whether it be with her car, or her two sons, who are 1 and 2.It isn’t until you completely detach that she will fully come into her own. I want to reconcile with her, but she won’t apologize to anyone and thinks she has done nothing wrong.And in order to detach you will have to find a way to accept that your daughter may not ever become the version of an adult you insist she must be. You must first trust that you did your best as a parent, and then you must accept your adult children as they are. We think she might be bipolar, but again don’t know how to bring this up without upsetting her.On the show, the two guys are almost enemies, seeing as they both dated the same girl.


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