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Obviously, we set it up in the first couple of episodes that this is his job and this is what he does, but we don’t spend that much time in his office or in the world of the online dating space. For our characters, the answer is generally “no.” They find little moments and little pieces, but what makes them happiest is being in the house with their family and going off and having relationships with real people.

It just doesn’t make for great drama or comedy, so a lot of the stuff is the face-to-face world for him. I feel like we go away from that as the relationships develop in later episodes. I think online dating and the internet is presented as this be-all end-all cure for our woes, and in the show, it ends up being more of a problem than anything else.

I think the episodes get more dramatic and more fun and more twisty as we go on and it was hard to maintain that, living in the online dating space. For you personally, what are your feelings about online dating? Which is funny to say, writing a show which has a large component that happens to be about it.

What intrigues me about that element of the concept is that it hangs a lantern on the question of how authentic and real online dating actually is. I have been in relationships that I’ve had in real life for so long, I’ve never had a chance to do it. These are the properties I want you to know about.” For me, that makes me so uncomfortable.

But that’s not actually a big deal, because “Casual,” executive produced by Helen Estabrook and director Jason Reitman, is less about dating and more about the intimate relationship between siblings Alex (Tommy Dewey) and Valerie (Michaela Watkins), who move in together after a series of personal crises.

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Now, two years later, they travel the world together on tour (all expenses paid!

And while you may initially be attracted to a co-star for the obvious reason—he’s cute—you’ll soon discover that talent is an aphrodisiac too.Zander Lehmann spoke with Indiewire during Hulu’s time at this summer’s TCA Summer Press Tour about the development of the series, why Alex’s job as the founder of an online dating service didn’t end up being that important, plans for a second season and how essential Dewey and Watkins are to crafting the show’s comedy.So, with “Casual,” there are lots of shows about dating, but I liked the twist about Alex running his own online dating service. It’s funny that you ask that because it was actually going to be more of the idea.Back on his home turf, Kasher finds comedy in these uproarious stories about the people he's met -and how they see him This special with Donald Glover is actually one of the better stand-up routines I have seen for providing me with actual laughter rather than just being entertaining (Louie C. Donald Glover is a pretty great physical performer and has facial expression ability similar to Jim Carrey.A lot of the time, the biggest laughs actually come after the jokes.She will next be seen in Valerie Weiss's film "The Archer" opposite Bailey Noble.


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