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Are one or both members of the couple dallying because they're still checking out other options in their peripherals?Marni Battista, founder and CEO of Dating with Dignity, "If a couple puts off marriage and is engaged for a very long time, they have to look at the motivation behind having a long engagement." This phenomenon commonly occurs in celebrities: this week it came out that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's year-and-a-half-long engagement was called off.Education was a higher priority than wedding planning for both Dan and Emma, who have a ph D and a masters degree respectively.

This gives you plenty of time to get to know each other to secure the foundation and the friendship."Speaking of which, there are social benefits to a long engagement as well, according to Emma: "It feels a bit like having it both ways— avoiding the sterotypes that come with being single and the ones that come with being married." This brings us to the elephant in the room among couples putting off marriage: The dreaded FOMO.

: "When you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as quickly as possible." But remake the movie with urban twentysomethings circa 2013, it's "as soon as I can finish my masters" or "get that promotion" or "afford a bigger apartment." Many couples are stretching out their engagements for as long as their friends and family will let them.

Which one ultimately bodes better for engaged Youngs — a very long engagement, or a shotgun wedding?

Twice monthly gifts also made the list of secrets to a happy marriage - with the average monthly spend £25.40 per month - £305 per year.

In terms of more lavish gifts, the yearly spend on jewellery amounted to £477 on average for the happiest couples - however a further 21 percent said they spent more than £1,000 a year on jewellery for their other half.


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