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This Hagstrom body style first appeared around 1965, but the humbuckers and wide headstock design didn’t arrive until 1969. I love the early sparkle stuff, I love the single coil, vinyl, mesh stuff. But this model, right here, is my “desert island” Hagstrom!

There’s no denying that even though tons of switches and pickups and knobs look cool, when it comes to ripping through songs at the speed of light, well you just have to give props to simple designs like this.

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Years later I answered a Craigslist ad and drove 65 miles one way to get this cherry killer.Like the majority of modern Hagstroms, this model is topped by the large, asymmetric headstock first seen in 1969 and designed by leading US luthier James D'Aquisto.The ornate outline is emphasised by multiple edge binding and accommodates art deco-style machine heads that also hint at Hagstrom's history.To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.Since the re-launch of Hagstrom electrics in 2007, most models have been based on the brand's earlier designs.Of course, the ESN is equipped with Hagstrom's exclusive...


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