Gretchen rossi dating slade still

"Good times comparing stories of some of our cast members and what is truth. "It was so much fun to meet @kellyddodd (the new housewife this season) come follow her, she is a hoot and yes for all of those asking Vicki and I made up at the end of last season, it's called forgiveness and moving on from something 3 yrs ago #lifeistooshort #somanylaughs #beingdorkshere #RHOC." As for Rossi and Smiley, they aren't married yet, but they are trying to have a child after Smiley's vastectomy was reversed. We are now making love to create a life and it has brought us so much closer together.

“We started having sex again two nights ago because we wanted to wait a little bit longer to make sure he was fully recovered,” Rossi revealed during an interview with Radar Online earlier this year.

According to a new report, Gretchen Rossi is currently at the Sundance Festival even though Slade’s son is struggling.

Apparently, things are not going so well with Grayson, and he is struggling with the cancer he has battled for years.

Really, what other past Orange County Housewife would you want back on Bravo other than her?

She first joined the franchise in Season 4 and left after Season 8, which was a total bummer.

Following the devastating loss, Rossi and Smiley hit it off after meeting through his former fiancee, Jo de la Rosa, who previously starred on That said, Rossi does have a few requirements.

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Even though she's been away for several seasons, her return would most likely be an easy transition. And we talked a lot in the last season and I stayed in touch with her just to check in with her and see how she's doing."That would make one interesting You read that right. If you scroll through her Instagram, there are a ton of pictures featuring the two. As Gretchen wrote next to one image of herself and Kelly, "So glad this girl called me to come meet her for lunch a few months back! As uncomfortable as a situation might be, Gretchen doesn't usually run away. She is going to speak her mind and her truth no matter what.

“A year ago last November, a simple cold put Gray back in ICU on a ventilator, which triggered a series of setbacks that he has been unable to recover from,” Michelle Arroyo, Grayson’s mother, has revealed on a website created in his name.

and Gretchen Rossi talked about the situation a few times.

After four years of dating, Gretchen Rossi is engaged to her beau Slade Smiley! While the magic moment will apparently air on Bravo — obvi — we won’t make you wait until then as a source revealed the cray cray deets: Tags: engaged, engagement, gretchen rossi, marriage, orange county, real housewives, real housewives of orange county, relationship, slade smiley star Gretchen Rossi flashed the world a bright bauble from her ring finger earlier this week.

Combine that with the looks of love on her and boyfriend Slade Smiley's face and we ASSUMED they were about to break wonderfully awesome engagement news!


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