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Two desktops are visible, but otherwise it’s relatively free of technology, and seems more focused on spaces and face-to-face communication (which highlights interpersonal and social learning). (If you click on the image, it will enlarge.) Show Us Your Classroom We’d love to see photos of your classroom. Doesn’t have to be special–just a decent image along with a short description of what kind of learning we’re seeing.You can find us on social media, and good old-fashioned email as well.With all of the adults in the room, this looks to be some kind of science fair, show-and-tell, or project-based learning showcase.(Or a very well-funded district.) The room is setup for traditional elementary learning stations (which seem to fall out of favor by 6th grade for some reason).Start a Series, and pay just every time you add 60 photos.Upgrade to Hardcover for just more, or add a set of Bonus Prints for . Many students rely on rides from family and friends, and many students across the county aren't able to attend because of the location.Soon after Hilley walked across the stage grasping his diploma in 2013, another high school dropout, Luis Landgrave, used the same gold Honda Civic to get to the school.

Are you a student looking to connect with other people your age?As a teacher, it can be inspiring to look into other classrooms.Whether you’re looking for ideas, or just want to see others engaging in the process of learning without feeling responsible for every single step, being a fly on a classroom wall can be pretty cool–which makes the following panorama of a busy elementary classroom from flickr user woodleywonderworks pretty cool too.It was a gold Honda Civic that got Roger Hilley back and forth to adult high school at the northern tip of Hamilton County.Hilley was 18, he had already been kicked out of two schools, and this was his last shot at earning a diploma.Taco Tuesday, snowball fight, Sunday selfies all have a place in your Chatbooks.


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