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retail/hard copies were probably produced a few weeks ago so that they could be shipped out and be in place at stores all over the world for the midnight release.Since this time there has been a few updates that I have noticed (as having a digital copy and can update get the updates at any time) one last week was fairly long took me about 30 mins to finish downloading the update.Adjusting your Internet Settings Control Panel - Connections Tab and enable the "Never dial a connection" box out of the 3 options[X] Never dial a connection[ ] Dial whenever a network connection is not present[ ] Always dial my default connection As well as disabling the "automatically detect settings" box from Internet Explorer - Lan options. )This may fix the problem with launcher getting stuck at 0%or the tools updater to get stuck at 1/3 or 2/3.Clearing Old Connections List One thing, which may cause the launcher not to work properly, is that there are old connections in the Internet Sharing Center - Connections tab, which'll cause the to loop.

Here are some possible solutions, hopefully you get the launcher/installer running by following these steps.Sub,rate and such :) I know it a bit boring but I have basicly no subscriber, so I didn't want to put much work on it. Load up D3 and the patch update will finally happen! Mo P (Mists of Pandaria) and D3 (Diablo 3 III) bug fix! End process from Task Manager; (Ctrl left Shift Esc; ; End Process) 2. If you guys subs enough I might be encouraged enough to do a diablo lets play ; P Sorry! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2012/05/12/diablo-3-stuck-updating-setup-files-fix/ support/en/games/diablo3 d3/en/forum/topic/4926754258 Will add more useful links later. This helps with many of the errors that may occur while running the Diablo III beta.Running in Safe Mode with Networking Safe mode with Networking might get you through when all else fails.(but my internet speed is also crap) The first post was probably looking at when you said you changed windows users (login) and though you were typing to login to D3 which the servers are not online yet so you cant.


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