Annabeth dating

His heart raced against his chest, almost matching the pace of hers.She opened her eyes and looked at him; his face was thoroughly flushed and his brow crinkled slightly. 2Date night~~~~~~~~~~PERCY~~~~~~~~~~Annabeth and I walked up to my mother who was holding her arms out for me. But, oh Percy, it hasn't been the same without you around." She said as she caressed me more. We've been looking forward for you to come and visit us! " my mom married Paul Blofis last summer, and I haven't heard much from them since."Were doing well, and I'm catching up in school!

Annabeth Barnes: After the film, I ran another year in the World Karting Association (becoming a double-crowned national champion).

She smelled like the candy shop, sweet licorice and chocolate."Percy, i've missed you so much! A lock of sandy blond hair escaped her ponytail and gently whi Percabeth-Karaoke Holy crap! People say that I can't sing because of my dad, and also that Tyson and Sara cant sing worth crap.

I let go of Annabeth's warm hand and ran into my moms arms. " Mom went over to hug Annabeth who was smiling happily."It's great to be here to, i'm really excited." Annabeth gave me a wink with her perfect cloudy gray eyes.

Percy and Annabeth FF Chap 3Adventures of Percabeth. 3 Hitch-hikers~~~~~~~~~ANNABETH~~~~~~~~~~I woke up to find myself still being held in Percy's gentle arms. We've been gone from the apartment for, like 12 hours, and your moms probably going to wake up soon."Percy's eyes widened in shock. Colorful streamers hung from the ceiling and lights swayed back and forth among the crowd. "He's gonna be PJat O dance off part 4-5Dance off part 4/5-Hermes"INTERMISSION!

"Morning sunshine," he spoke softly in my ear before he kissed it with extreme tenderness."Good morning Percy, but have you noticed, ITS FIVE IN THE FRIGGING MORNING! " He stood up, his hair messy and sandy, and he had lipstick stains on his shirt and kiss marks tattooed all over his face. " he said as he looked at me with his sea green eyes. I get dressed up in something simple yet hot, for Annabeth's sake, and, I don't know why, but I find that I am dressing really nice when I'm wither and that I always try to do my best to look good. I got to the big house to find everyone in front of a huge stage that was set up with two microphones and a small screen.


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